Prescription Drug Abuse: Popping Pills May Turn Fatal

The United States, which has nearly 4.5 percent of the world’s population, consumes 75 percent of the globally consumed prescription drugs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This rampant abuse of prescription drugs has left the country limping towards a devastating state, which could devour the population if there is no effective intervention immediately.

Prescription drug abuse is also a precursor to other substance abuse for most young adults. According to a 2015 survey, titled “Painkillers Often Gateway to Heroin for U.S. Teens,” three quarters of the American high school students who use heroin started out with narcotic painkillers. The survey which was published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence claims that people who become dependent on painkillers often end up abusing heroin because it is cheaper and more readily available than these pills.

According to Joseph Palamar, the lead researcher of the survey and assistant professor of population health at the New York University, “The more times a teen uses non-prescribed painkiller pills, the greater the risk he or she is at for becoming dependent on the drug.”

With a situation like this, a prescription drug addiction helpline would always be overworked. The prescription drug abuse treatment, considered the best in the country, witnesses a steep rise in cases of prescription drug abuse.

Drugs to watch out for

It is important to have some knowledge about drugs which are more commonly abused by addicts. Few names worth mentioning are:

Pentobarbital sodium,
In fact, fentanyl has become a big concern in Canada because of the increasing number of deaths and near-death overdoses of the drug. Sadly, the abused drug is meant to be used only for treatment of chronic pain, especially in cancer patients.

The illegally manufactured fentanyl in the form of pills or powders is more dangerous because there is no quality control or regulation for it. They may contain toxic contaminants or different levels of fentanyl in each batch. Even pills produced in the same batch may have little to lethal levels of fentanyl.

Path to recovery

Along with treatment, educating people and young adults is also vital to eliminating or at least reducing the incidences of prescription drug abuse in the country.

Kana Enomoto, the acting administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has rightly said, “Whether people are struggling with alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit substances, seeking help is a critical step toward achieving recovery.”

“Most other drugs are illegal in all contexts, yet these drugs — the most dangerous drugs — are prescribed by doctors and are often sitting there in parents’ medicine cabinets and if teens don’t believe warnings about street drugs, then why would they be afraid to use government-approved, pharmaceutical-grade pills,” Enomoto asked.

The SAMHSA administrator believes that treatment helps people with substance abuse problem to regain their lives. And, “as with other life-threatening conditions, this step can be the difference between life and death. We need to encourage people to seek help. Treatment works. People recover.”

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Drug Abuse Treatments

As treatment of drug abuse should suit the specific needs of the individual concerned, there is no one treatment that can be used in all cases. The choice of treatment also depends on which drug is being abused. Psychological therapies, such as behavior therapy, and medication to help the individual with withdrawal symptoms are components of the treatment program. The areas that may deserve special attention during treatment include detoxification, i.e., the process of stopping the drug while coping with physical addiction, relapse prevention and long-term rehabilitation.

Behavior therapies generally include counseling, psychotherapy, support groups, or family therapy. Medications assist in suppressing the withdrawal symptoms and drug craving, and in blocking the effects of drugs.

Moreover, studies reveal that treatment for heroin addiction using methadone at an adequate dosage level combined with behavior therapy successfully reduces death rates and many health problems arising out of heroin abuse. Acupuncture has been found to be effective in treating the cravings that accompany cocaine withdrawal. The procedure is now being applied on pregnant drug abusers to improve the health of their babies.

Nonresidential programs serve the largest number of drug abusers. Among residential facilities are hospitals, group homes, halfway houses, and therapeutic communities, such as Phoenix House and Daytop Village, where most of the daily activities are treatment-related. Programs like Al-Anon, CoAnon, and Alateen, 12-step programs for family and friends of drug abusers, help them to break out of codependent cycles.

For every person undergoing drug treatment there are an estimated three or four people in dire need of it. There are many who try to get treatment, especially from public facilities, but are put off by waits of over a month to get in. Assessment of the effectiveness of treatment is difficult because of the chronic nature of drug abuse and alcoholism. And more so because the disease is generally made more complicated by personal, social, and legal factors.

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Drug Abuse Addiction: A Misunderstood Problem

Too often people don’t truly comprehend the real reason why a person develops a drug abuse addiction or how drugs can alter their brain to stimulate compulsive drug abuse and addiction. They wrongly perceive this problem as something that is surely a social problem only and may discriminate those who abuse drugs as morally powerless. A persistent and general belief is that addicted individuals should be fully capable of just quitting drugs as long as they are willing to alter their attitude and behaviour. Again and again, what people often simply and underestimate is the complication of drug addiction. It is a serious disease that impacts the very brain itself and as a result, ceasing drug abuse and drug addiction is not plainly a matter of an individuals’ willpower. Through current scientific advances we are now able to understand much more in regards to how precisely drugs affect the brain. Furthermore, we now know that drug abuse addiction can be successfully treated to assist individuals’ in stopping the abuse of drugs and carry on their normal lives.

Drug abuse and addiction can be a huge burden on society. There have been approximate estimates of the overall costs of this issue in the USA alone, which includes health costs as well as losses in productivity, to surpass 500 billion dollars annually. As distressing as these figures are, they don’t adequately and fully convey the breadth of detrimental public health and safety implications, which involve domestic violence, school failure, family disruption, loss of employment, child abuse, and many other types of deviant crimes.

To truly understand what drug abuse and drug addiction is, we need to know that it is a continuous, relapsing brain disease that induces uncontrollable drug seeking and use and abuse in spite of harmful and damaging consequences to the abuser who is addicted and to all those who are close to them. Drug abuse and addiction is defined as a brain disease for the reason that this problem advances changes in the function and also the structure of the brain. Even though it is undeniable that for most addicts the initial decision to take drugs is purely voluntary, over the course of time the alterations in the brain, as a result of abusing drugs over and over again, can greatly affect an individual’s self control and capability to make logical decisions, while at the exact same moment send extreme impulses to take more the addictive substance.

It is these very extreme changes in the brain that makes it so difficult for an individual who is addicted to absolutely cease from abusing drugs. Fortunately, there are existing treatments that assist people to neutralize drug addiction’s strong damaging effects so that the individual can recapture some semblance of self control. Studies have shown that incorporating drug abuse addiction treatment medications along with behavioural therapy is one of the most successful ways for majority of patients. When a treatment method is customized to each patient’s patterns along with psychiatric aid can lead to long term continuous recovery and a life without the need for further intervention.

Very much like other chronic or relapsing diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, drug abuse addiction can be managed quite successfully. Additional, it’s not unusual for a drug abuse and addiction person to backslide and start abusing drugs again. We must be clear that relapse does not indicate failure, rather, it demonstrates that proper drug abuse and drug addiction treatment should be reintroduced, modified, or that other forms of drug abuse addiction treatment is required to help the individual retake self control and recover.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

In today’s society prescription drugs such as painkillers, stimulants, and anti-anxiety drugs are commonly abused. These drugs have a severe effect on the health of the individual abusing it. Prescription drug abuse is a serious health concern nationwide. While many people take their meds responsibly there are a high percentage of individuals dealing with prescription drug abuse.

For example, based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Data from 2011, the amount of people who died due to an overdose of a prescribed painkiller medication in that year was more than the amount of people who died due to an overdose of cocaine, heroin or any other type of drugs combined. This indicates that prescription drug abuse prevails over the use of other popular drugs.

In the entire United States, approximately 15,000 deaths and 500,000 visits to the emergency room occur every year due to opioid dependence. These drugs have caused the single largest amount of accidental deaths in the United States other than traffic accidents. In this drug category, some of the most popular addictive prescription drugs being abused are hydrocodone, oxycodone, and oxymorphone.

Addictive Prescription Drugs In The Treatment Of The Pain

Due to the concerns that health experts have about the safety and addictiveness of these drugs, opioids used to be prescribed only for those patients that had cancer or were terminally ill. Today, most doctors see opioids as an essential medication for the management of chronic pain. They are really great to help patients that are in the recovering process of a surgery, who are subject of chronic pain, or suffer from terrible injuries.

Unfortunately, people get addicted to drugs and they are really expensive in the black market. Studies show that age is not really a factor here and opioid addicts make up a very large percentage. It is shocking to see that many of these addicts are veterans.

The Legal Line Gets Blurry

The subject of the use of prescription painkillers can become tricky when it comes to the legal and illegal possible uses of them. Drugs that are prescribed, for example, they will be in the cabinet of the person, and many people give their prescribed drugs to other family members to help them feel better or cope with a specific illness. Once the person gets hooked on this prescribed drugs and the doctor or the family member will not give another prescription to them, they go and buy them in the street on the black market.

Prescription Drug Abuse And The Government

Prescription drug addiction has become a public health epidemic. The federal and state government is going after those providing and those abusing prescribed drugs. Since 2001, studies show that the abuse of prescribed drugs has gone down to the lowest rate ever since 2002, but still is a serious problem.

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New to Bodybuilding? Here’s How to Kick Start Your Gains

When enrolled in a muscle development program, a few key points are to be considered. These can cover anything from diet adjustments to various workout routines. Making use of this information will help you focus on the essential areas of your bodybuilding training, helping you get the desired results faster.

Foremost, your workout routines should generally include proven exercises that increase bulk, build strength, and improve overall condition. These exercises will give you a strong foundation and condition you for advanced strength and muscle development.

Consume foods loaded with protein prior to workout and immediately afterwards if you want to build muscle fast. Try to get the necessary amount of protein (at least 15 grams) both pre and post workout.

Remember to do your warm up before you start exercising. This will help you reduce the risk of injury. Stretching soon after exercise may help, as well, by relaxing your muscles while recovering from the workout session. Together with stretching, getting massages regularly can be beneficial. Relaxed muscle tissue rebuilds faster resulting in better muscle development.

You will also want to be aware of body fat when engaged in bodybuilding training. Make sure you get a sufficient amount of calories in order to reach a better potential. You can find online calculators that will help you calculate the calories you need over a certain period. You can then adjust your diet plan and caloric value.

Protein supplements can be quite beneficial when included in a bodybuilding program. But that does not necessarily mean they will do the entire job for you. They must be taken in addition to a healthy diet. Use supplements only when absolutely necessary.

Cardio is important for good physical fitness, but excessive cardio may wipe out your efforts at bulking up. If your goal is to build muscle, concentrate the majority of your time and energy on bodybuilding training. But you should still keep doing cardio workouts, even when concentrating on muscle development. Although your cardio routine won’t improve muscle mass, it will condition your heart for your more intense bodybuilding training. Three moderate 20 to 30 minute cardiovascular sessions a week should help maintain a healthy heart without wiping out your efforts to bulk up.

In addition, make sure your ambitions are obtainable. You will notice ideal results over many (hundreds) of workout sessions. Seeking to swiftly build muscle mass through the use of anabolic steroids, stimulants, or any other unsafe substance can cause serious health consequences.

Finally, to get a true edge and experience in bodybuilding training, seeking advice from experts is a good idea. Getting educated from muscle development experts can help you build a strong platform for success.

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